100% Paraben free and Vegan friendly! 

J Bronze Professional uses naturally-derived tanning actives and extenders for long-lasting natural colour. 

  • Full Body Spray Tan

  • Half Body Spray Tan

Tips for a perfect tan

Prep your skin

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!! With a mitt and body wash or a cream body exfoliant. Just be sure to avoid products that contain oils, as this can act as a barrier. If you are shaving it’s best to do this the morning or day before the tan, and all waxing 48 hours before so the tan isn’t absorbed into the hair follicle. Shaving will most likely remove the tan if you shave after it is applied.


Every day, even twice a day, moisturise. Using a body oil or moisturiser will keep your skin soft and supple and ensure longevity of your new tan. Jbronze tanning products contain luxe, natural skin caring ingredients, like macadamia oil, shea butter and argan oil, but always moisturise in addition to this.

At home tanning

If you are using our at home retail tanning products, they are all designed for easy application so you can see exactly where you are applying. Start with the main areas of your body, legs, back and stomach then concentrate on the trickier parts such as elbows, knees and hands - always go lightly on these areas. The application mitt makes applying your tan an absolute breeze!

The perfect tan

Finishing off your spray tan or at home tan, you can use the instant shimmer as it can be applied after you have showered the excess tan off for extra luminosity and glowing skin.

When you come to us

  • Wear loose baggy, preferably black, clothing. Anything touching your skin may cause rubbing or marks.

  • Make sure all hair removal and exfoliation has been done prior.

  • No deodorant or moisturiser on your body the day of the tan.

It is best to have your tan a day or two before the event you are needing it for. A spray tan is at its optimal colour 48 hours after it has been washed off.


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