Skin Consultations

Professional Skin Consultation where we can create an effective plan to achieve your skin care goals.

Joyce Blok Facials


An express facial treatment that is great if you are new to skincare or are short on time. Add a Joyce Blok Super Serum to achieve your skin goals. 


Give your skin a ‘new lease of life’ with a thorough double cleanse, followed by an exfoliation process, relaxing massage and mask suited for your skin type. 


The deluxe facial treatment that will leave your skin feeling restored and rejuvenated. You will enjoy a gentle but thorough cleanse, a massage of the face and décolletage and a specialised age-wellness rubberised mask to warm and relax the skin. 

Specialized Dermatech Facials

Glycolic Facial - 30 minutes

Boost your skin by having a glycolic facial. This advanced treatment contains active ingredients to provide a powerful removal of dulling surface cells. Working on diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin feeling refreshed and younger looking. 

Vitamin C infusion Facial - 45 minutes

Boost collagen synthesis to firm, tone and smooth the skin while preventing and reducing pigmentation. 

Facial With Sonopheresis - 45 minutes

Using ultrasound to increase skin permeability, maximum results can be achieved through effective infusion. 


30 minutes

Microdermabrasion improves the overall appearance of the skin through a controlled exfoliation process. The exfoliated cells are removed with a gentle vacuum 

Ultraceuticals Facials

Signature facials

These luxurious signature facial treatments are the gateway to starting your Ultra journey. They incorporate potent active ingredients, UltraSonophoresis and massage to treat skin concerns including premature ageing, pigmentation, congestion, uneven skin tone and dehydration.

Skin workouts

Skin work out treatments (also called skin peels) aim to rejuvenate the skin through accelerated exfoliation. These treatments have been developed to quickly refresh and restore the skins youthful appearance. 

Paramedical treatments

Radiance plus 

The radiance plus facial mask combines a powerful blend 8 skin brightening agents to rapidly reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation, dark spots and blotchiness to instantly revel a luminous complexion.

*Please note, all facials require a consultation prior to the treatment to check there are no contraindications. The Ultraceutical facials are extremely active so guidance from your experienced therapist is to be taken with these. 


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